Sponsoring and Attending the 2013 M-Enabling Summit

EZFire's commitment to the realm of accessibility technology is unprecedented in the industry. We constantly work with our clients to make sure that technology solutions are fully accessible to all people with disabilities.

In doing so, we recognize the trend that technology has been taking over the past several years. The mineaturization of hardware and the software to support it, the interconnectivity between different pieces of hardware and mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, and the imminent arrival of wearable computing leads us to a brave new world of technologies which will make computing available to consumers and businesses no matter where they are. This trend, often termed as "mobile computing" will bring whole new categories of services and devices that we cannot even imagine.

Along with these devices and services, we will see some remarkable opportunities to make the lives of people with disabilities more independent than they already are. This will require that developers of these devices, software, and services pay attention to design, usability , and accessibility. EZFire stands ready to help this happen. As a consulting firm, it can help organizations understand how the various complexities of platform, devices, software, hardware and the environment in which everything must interact affect people with disabilities.

Recognizing this need, EZFire has determined to become a Platinum sponsor for the upcoming 2013 M-Enabling Summit. To be held on June 6 and 7, 2013 in the Washington, DC area. The M-Enabling Summit will bring together many consumers, thinkers, and organization who work with mobile technologies.

Join us. Meet with us at the conference to learn about what we can do for your organization. Find out how to obtain free conference registration or expo passes.