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We're a group of accessibility specialists. We help you answer questions like: How do we make sense of complicated regulations and standards? How will the disabled user interact with our mobile app? Can this document be read by a screen reader user? How can we make this JavaScript application usable to disabled users? How do I get the best training for our employees? Tell us how EZFire's successful experience with organizations like the VA, Amtrak, Boston University and more can guide you.
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Innovation = Design for Everyone: a Review of Kel Smith's "Digital Outcasts"

In late 1998 and early 1999, I began my journey that would ultimately lead to my career as a technologist, working on bringing independence through electronic information and digital means. As a student entering university, I had somewhat of a BLASÉ attitude toward what technology could do for me. I of course understood that screen reading technology could make my life tremendously different from many other blind people who attended university before me.

Free Registrations for the 2013 M-Enabling Summit and Free Expo Passes

WE have always believed that increasing the number of people who understand the need for accessibility and how pokiesaustralian.com to accomplish it make the world better for all. Because of that , we find and promote opportunities for individuals to gain knowledge as much as possible.